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Click on the thumbnail for images from our trip to Costa Rica in summer, 2006, to participate in the OTS tropical plant systematics class, and to hunt for Bursera standleyana, a member of the simaruba clade:

Mark with a big Combretum
Mark with Combretum
Cerro La Cangreja, on the Pacific slope near San José
Cerro La Cangreja
Canyons in the area of La Cangreja, Bursera standleyana country (see the simaruba clade page)
La Cangreja canyons
Chico Morales and Julieta-- lunch in the rental
Chico and Julieta
Slogging up the Río Negro hunting for Bursera
Julieta wading up Rio Negro
Chico napping on a gravel bar
Chico dozing
Julieta triumphant with the bizarre leaves of Bursera standelyana
Julieta with Bursera standleyana
Mark with Zamia
Mark with Zamia
A fabulous bilobed Ophioglossum from La Selva
Ophioglossum in La Selva
La Selva bullet ant
bullet ant in La Selva
Robbin Moran with a monster Nephrolepis frond
Robbin with monster frond
La Selva daddy longlegs
Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl on a wonderfully clear day
Popo and Ixta

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