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Click on the thumbnail for images from our Puebla-Morelos trip in October 2006 with Joanna Redfern and Tomás, from the university of New Mexico:

 Alan and Jessica hanging loose on a steep hillside in Puebla
Alan y Jessica en la ladera
Alan and Tomás cutting Bursera grandifolia samples
Tomás and Al Pastor
Alan up a Bursera grandifolia
Alan incómodo
Jessica, watching Alan, doing the "Oh my god" look as Alan does God knows what up in the tree
Jessica "oh my god"
Popocatepetl from the fields of sorghum in eastern Morelos and southwestern Puebla
Popo and sorghum
Jessica, Joanna, and Tomás belaying Alan
Jessica, Joanna, and Tomás belayingje

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