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Click on the thumbnails for images from our monster trip from Sonora to Chiapas in early 2007 to hunt for wild cassava, Burseras, cacti, ponytail palms, wild poinsettias, and many other plants:

José Antonio in the combi

Forest cacti: an incredibly tall and slender Pilosocereus (left), and a coarser and more open-branched Cephalocereus (right) growing in a Jalisco dry forest.
El Salto Pueblo Nuevo, Durango "Pueblo de Madera", a remarkable town in the cold highlands where everything is based on wood- from building materials to heating

Photo op with (l to r) Katherine Renton, Joe Olson, Leslie Larson, and me while hunting simaruba clade Burseras in the Cuixmala Reserve of coastal Jalisco.
Bizarre rock formations near a frozen frosty pond west of El Salto, Durango

Laura and Joe measuring Manihot chlorosticta allometry in the Jalisco dry forest.
José Antonio and Angélica with Manihot rubricaulis in the dry volcanic highlands near Durango

Laura with a flowering wild Poinsettia in the western Manantlán massif in Jalisco state, the largest population we have found to date                          
 Pressing Manihot along the dirt road
The fabulously strange Stenocereus standleyi growing on a steep rocky face with Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum and brown boobies.
The view north from the Espinazo del Diablo pass on the Durango-Mazatlán highway, which passes from cold, high pine forest to tropical dry forest

The intrepid combi and our camp in the coastal desert of southwestern Sonora

José Antonio collectng a Rathbunia/ Stenocereus in southwestern Sonora

Angélica enjoying the lovely colonial plaza of Alamos, Sonora

The pretty forests of the Alamos area, with flowering Tabebuia and Ipomoea trees, and a GREEN understory watered by winter rains, unique in Mexican dry forests, which are usually bone dry this time of year! 

Sunset in the hills east of Escuinapa, Sinaloa

José Antonio triumphant and ready to collect Neobuxbaumia squamulosa in Colima state

Collaborator Leslie Larson nearl Llano Grande, Jalisco, a tidy and very pleasant town in a great plain in the middle of the foothills of the southern Sierra Madre

Mark with a rare Poinsettia bloom in February in central Jalisco

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