Sierra de Tentzo 2010

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Click on the thumbnail for images from some recent lab trips:

Pico de Orizaba at dawn, near where Armando discovered a new species of freshwater crab, hundreds of miles from the ocean
Brahea palms and oaks in the Sierra de Tentzo passes
mezcal agaves grown on the beautiful hills of the Sierra de Tentzo
The Sierra looking north from the southern lowlands of the Tentzo
Some of the lovely towns of the Sierra de Tentzo have coscomates, the ancient prehispanic style clay corn cribs with thatched rooves
Expert thatching with Brahea leaves on many buildings of the Sierra
The striking red trunks and flat crowns of Bursera morelensis in the dry forest leafing out with the first rains of the year
Armando and the spectacular canyon of the upper Atoyac River near Huatlatlauca
Armando and the Atoyac canyon
Searching (in vain) for wild Euphorbia cyri in the upper Mixteca forests betweent the Atoyac and the Sierra
We didn’t get a chance to look for crabs in the waters of the canyon... maybe soon!
Lots of hillsides and gullies still to explore.
Fouquieria ochoterenae way farther north than I ever thought it grew.                     
 The impossibyly red and fancy flowers of Spreckelia spring from the ground in the baking dry season, a dry forest miracle.

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