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Click on the thumbnail for images from our quick trip to the Los Tuxtlas field station in Veracruz in June 2006 with Julieta Rosell, Alan Vázquez, and Jeanette:

Julieta with Joaquín Giménez and Jaime
julieta et al
Alan thumbs up in a Bursera simaruba
Alan in a Busera simaruba
Alan smiling despite ant attacks
Alan "El Chango" Vázquez
Alan, Jeanette, and Julieta in the forest
Julieta con los biónicos
Laguna Escondida, a pretty lake in the middle of the rainforest
Laguna Escondida
Wooden canoes on the shore of Laguna Escondida
Canoes on the lakeshore
Jeanette NOT getting her fingers caught in the marimba
Jeanette up a tree
Alan: difficult ascent in the wind
Alan fighting with climbing gear
I am not making this up: the governor of Veracruz came by with his retinue, and grabbed Jeanette's rope.
Gober and Jeanette
Los Ilustres: Mark with Mario Sousa and Alejandro Estrada

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